Welcome to the Cafe (with no pests)!

pest controlHey there, and welcome to the grand opening of Johnny’s Café Blog! I wanted this to be a little bit different to your usual café, hence why we have this forum for everyone to log in and speak their mind. There’s free WiFi in the café, of course! So, I’m Johnny and I guess I’d better start things off, and maybe set the tone.

It’s been a long time in the making, this café. A lot of soul-searching and I finally decided that I wanted to go ahead with it, so here we are! Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but the premises were a dump when I bought them. Seriously, I had Mornington pest control people in here on the very first day, because that was how bad the termite problem was. Sad thing was, it was all due to neglect, and the place was obviously pretty nice before the previous tenant left the animal kingdom to take care of things. So termite control aside (I have no experience in pest extermination) , I was determined to sort out the place. Oh, and buying the place was still pretty expensive, and I was on a budget.

And so, avoiding all the termites, I plunged into the heart of the chaos with my trusty saw and measuring tape. I had a lifetime of experience, also…my family used to live in a very rural area, and my Dad was a bit of a wilderness enthusiast. It was a real log cabin sort of deal. So yeah, I learned so many things, except for insect control because…I don’t know, maybe Dad dealt with that? Hey, those are some dangerous chemicals. I didn’t want to be spraying my future café with anything that might be harmful. It took two years of work, but now people consistently say that the décor is one of their favourite things. Hope you all enjoy…and don’t worry. Thanks to the Mornington termite inspection people having my back, you won’t find a single bug in the entire place!