Coffee Plus Oxygen, Ultimate Productivity

hyperbaric oxygen treatmentsCoffee, coffee, coffee…got to have coffee. In fact, I might be addicted. Is drinking one every hour, on the hour addicted? I know it’s too much and it disturbs my work and makes my hands tremor like I’m in a magnitude 9 earthquake…but give a guy a break! We all do what we need to to get through the workday. Plus now that Johnny finally opened up the cafe, it’s become my favourite place to chill. I mean, who wouldn’t love this place? It’s the opposite to the office…so calm, soft lighting, coffee, friendly faces, coffee, REALLY good coffee.

Sometimes I need something stronger. I heard a couple of ladies at the next table talking about hyperbaric oxygen treatments around Melbourne. How does that work? Well, I looked it up, because…well, you don’t know my job. You could sum it up, responsibilities and all, with the word ‘stress’. And then in a little subtitle, ‘massive responsibility’. At times, I’ve been known to literally pull out my hair and not even notice. So you can see why I rely on, ah…other stuff to get me through. Mostly coffee, and then there was the time I tried wearing earplugs all day, but that just mean that I couldn’t hear my boss yelling at me for not handing in the right file. It WAS the right file in the end, but because I seemingly ignored her, I lost all my overtime privileges. The only reason that wasn’t the final straw is because I never even get overtime privileges to begin with, despite doing it almost every day. So I turned to coffee. But a hyperbaric oxygen chamber? That could really be something else. Relaxing, isolated, good for your health and heck, it’s not like I’m short a bit of money, because I never have time to spend it unless it’s on coffee. I’ll ask Johnny if he’s heard anything good about oxygen therapy. With Melbourne news, Johnny usually knows what’s up.