Does Johnny like roses?

brindabella rosesI’m in love with Johnny. He won me over with the very first sip of his delightful coffee. Then I realised how spunky he is and I was head over heels. I notices that he’s been getting into plants a lot lately. He’s been putting pots of herbs and flowers around in the cafe which I think is  a charming idea and also just makes me love him all the more. So I decided that maybe I could get to his heart by giving him some flowers.

I’ve been looking at roses for sale on the internet but I don’t know if Johnny likes roses. Plus I’m thinking that maybe I’m subverting the gender roles too much by giving a guy some flowers. This would be particularly obvious if I give him classic flowers like roses. So if I’m going to do something really geeky like that perhaps I should opt for some less conventional flowers. Like tulips or daffodils. But no, they’re too feminine. I need more masculine flowers like perhaps hellebores, something darker and woodier.

Then again, roses can be masculine if you choose the right ones. You wouldn’t go with iceberg roses, perhaps something with a rich colour like brindabella roses. I’m going to plant them and grow them myself so that they really come from the heart. I’m sure he’ll notice the difference compared to the store bought ones. There’s always something wrong with them when you get them from the florist. Like they’ll have some of their petals gnawed at the edge or they won’t have any scent. That’s the trapping with florist-bought roses and flowers. I mean, the first thing anyone does when they receive flowers is smell them! But all the flowers at the florist completely lack scent. That’s why it’s much better to grow them yourself. Plus they mean more than they come from your garden.