What This Cafe Really Needs

iceberg roses

Now, this is a nice cafe, don’t get me wrong. I’m here for the first time and the decor is nice, the coffee is passable and they weren’t playing Top 40 music, which is honestly a huge plus for the entire establishment. But I’m the queen of the garden fair, and I know how to give a place some dazzle. I’ve been growing flowers for 55 years in June, and that gives me just a little bit of expertise when it comes to brightening up a place, wouldn’t you say?

That’s why I left some quality iceberg roses on my table when I left, replacing that little dirty jar of daisies that was already there. Oh, I know…it was an effort, and most cafes don’t even have flowers on their tables, so it was better than nothing! But not much better, you know. When there’s so much more you could be doing, I feel it’s my duty to improve things. With my help, this cafe could really take off. And whoever sat in that seat after me, you’re very welcome; I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous gift of the iceberg rose, grown to perfection in my perfect garden of delights!

Now, I’ve already left my contact details so getting in touch with me shouldn’t be much of a problem. I’ll give you a tour of the gardens (2 hour minimum- wouldn’t want you missing out on anything!), you can select what you like and we can discuss things from there. After all, I don’t show this courtesy to just anyone. I really believe that with some garden life, this cafe could come to fruition organically. You already have the faded wood thing happening, and the tudor beams certainly enhance the atmosphere. Oh, but think of what it’d be like if the place was swimming with hyacinths! Bulbs aren’t too hard to grow, and I’d be popping into sample the coffee, see if it’s gotten any better, tee-hee! Anyway, Johnny has my details…I’ll be tending to my garden.