Electricians Galore

Ideally, there would be a bit less noise. A new hairdresser has finally moved in next door, and while it’s nice to have a full complement of shops again (more business for everyone), I don’t know what kind of renovation is happening in there. The old studio was nice! It was fine! But apparently it all has to be ripped up and torn out and replaced with…whatever it’s being replaced with. And the walls are paper thin, so we hear everything. It doesn’t make for the most relaxing atmosphere to drink coffee, in this cafe where we strive for the perfect atmosphere.

And the electricians… wow. I think they must have just made twenty calls requesting every single one of their fellow professional electricians Bayside has to spare (plus a few more from the surrounding areas) to come on over. The more the merrier.

It’s definitely going to be a hairdresser in there, as opposed to an internet cafe, or a virtual reality suite, so why they need a steady stream of electricians is beyond me. At the very least, most of them come in here every single day for coffee and lunch, so we’ve got stacks of custom. Must remind Helga to make more cheese and ham toasties…they tend to sell out really fast when a hundred workmen come tromping in. Wouldn’t be a problem if Helga didn’t enchant them with some kind of spell to make a simple sandwich irresistibly delicious. Our display fridge is nearly cleaned out by 1pm each day now.

Johnny is going to have a lot of catching up to do when he finally returns. Maybe he’ll come back to find that we now work next to a fully-automated hairdresser, with robots that greet you at the door and automated hair stylers. That would explain why commercial electrical expertise was needed by the truckload. Jury’s out on the pneumatic drill thing, though. What are they doing…?