Just Needs a Good Bit of Tree Removal

stump removalIt’s looking pretty good around here. I never even knew Johnny had any flair for business, since his mother and I certainly don’t, but he’s made it work anyway! Previously, the closest I’ve ever come to owning a business is when we used to live in Brisbane and sometimes the boss would leave me in charge when he went away. I’ll admit, sometimes that didn’t involve all that much. We had a job, we got on with it. I mostly just inspected the jobs when we were done. We were Brisbane’s best tree removal people; we knew the trade and there wasn’t much to really direct! Though I suppose there was paperwork, which I did a little bit of.

Still, it wasn’t quite what Johnny’s managed to set up here. Maybe he had the talents for business, making coffee and interior design all along, and we should’ve encouraged him a bit more when he was much younger. Well, we DID tell him to follow his dreams, so I suppose that part worked. Could maybe use some trees being uprooted around the front, though…just saying. They’ve already got a nice tree-lined walkway leading inm but what if there were FEWER trees? The last thing to really round off the place is an asphalt driveway, or just a pathway, tree-free, or just with some of the nice ones left. That way people know they’re walking into something important! That’s what all our customers used to say up in Brisbane: a clear walkway completes a place, like a front door or a garden gnome, or perhaps a piece of freshly-cut grass. Not that I’m saying the café needs garden gnomes…that’d be a bit odd. But you understand my meaning: the path out there needs a good bit of stump grinding, for that clean look.

I know what Johnny will say. I’m retired, it’ll put my back out, I don’t have the equipment, the smell of chainsaw fumes causing my palpitations and is possibly the reason I just spent five months in hospital before retiring…but this is something I’d like to do to make the café complete. I used to do Brisbane’s esteemed land clearing for eighteen hours a day! I can tackle one little path…