Working My Way Up the Property Ladder

property agent MelbourneSome people don’t believe in fate. Those people are obviously unaware of how I walked into this place and fell instantly in love with the white chocolate mocha. I’ve read a few books on Greek mythology, and the gods are always eating this thing called ambrosia. That’s pretty much what I imagine that it tastes like to us mortals. So…so…good.

And I can drink it without feeling guilty, because I spend ALL day walking. Perils of being that one real estate agent in the office who jumps at the chance to be useful. I’m new to the job and I’m pretty sure everyone is taking advantage of me, but I don’t care. I’m scurrying all around the place, meeting new people, seeing new places and life is great. Truth be told, I’m trying to live up to my Grandmother. Weird thing to say, I know. But she was one of Melbourne’s first property advocates, people who help other people buy homes (but not in the same way as a real estate agent). She was a true pioneer in the field, and since people hadn’t even heard of the service before then, the business didn’t really pick up for years. But she kept plugging on! And I guess Grandpa was a good sport about the whole thing, working his ordinary job while she tried to be a career woman and didn’t bring in any income to support the family. They were a persistent generation, surely. But now that people respect the profession, it’s something I feel like I really want to do. I have the genes for it! But for now, i have to work my way up. So that’s why I walk so much, spend most of the day in my feet and come back to the cafe all battered, bruised and ready for the white-chocolate mocha of my dreams. I’ve EARNED it. And I’m pretty sure the Melbourne buyers advocates of today still do a lot of walking- most of their job is looking at properties- so hopefully I can continue the habit once I’m at the top of the ladder. They’re so good, you guys…