Office Designer Breakfast

I’ve got to say, getting cafe guests to post on this website is a brilliant idea. I feel really honoured to be sitting here, on the Johnny’s Cafe computer, writing this post. I suppose I should give a little bit of information about myself before we go any further. My name is Mark and I decided to come to this cafe today because the reviews are so fantastic. I ordered the egg’s benedict, my favourite breakfast of all time because I’ve got a big day at work today. I work in office space design across Melbourne, helping offices look more like space every day. It’s a scientific fact that people feel calmer in space, which is why my business is so successful.

Why do I have such a busy day at work today? It’s because I’m up for a big promotion. I’ve helped over a hundred offices achieve their desired appearance, meaning I get to chat with the boss about moving up in the company. I’ve heard rumours that we actually provide more than just space offices, but I’m not sure they’re true. Either way, I just hope to start moving up in my career, because I’ve been in my current position for a while now.

I’d been hearing for a while that Johnny’s Cafe is one of the best cafes in Melbourne. Office fitout considerations can take quite a toll, so I figured it was time to get a good pick-me-up in the morning, with a delicious breakfast and a coffee. I definitely don’t regret coming here. It’s been the perfect start to my day. Hopefully it will be a bit of a good-luck charm, getting me that big promotion. If that’s what happens, I think I’ll be coming here every day!

Thanks heaps to Johnny for inviting me to make a post on the website. I feel really honoured to be part of its history.

– Mark

The Operatic Office Romance

Usually when I go out to a café, I’m working on my screenplay. It’s gonna be big someday, I’m telling you, but today I was so distracted. I went to see an opera last night, and I got so swept up in the lyrics and story that I’ve been daydreaming ever since. Just something about the way everything was so flawless and blended together really hit me where I live, and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

It was one of those modern operas, you know the ones. A man and a woman were separated by their families, who both operated places around Melbourne that did last wills and testaments and everything to do with them. Like, attorneys and lawyers…you know, some of the singing was really hard to understand, with all the warbling. Beautiful warbling, mind you. And then I don’t actually think the Melbourne will scene is quite that cutthroat. I guess they had to amp up the drama, and oh boy, there was SO much drama. Stabbings and verbal jousting and twelve-minute solos about how much they hated each other, which was actually a lot.

Anyway, there were six acts, and throughout all of them this boy and girl met, fell in love, were separated, grew up to take over their family businesses, became bitter business rivals and eventually met while struggling to get the same client, realised that they really were still deeply in love and finished with this 24-minute extravaganza where they defied their families, shut down the business and ran away together.

Ah, man, so epic and glorious…I’ll never forget it. Not sure what actual people in Melbourne who do probates and stuff would think, but it’s such a good opera, maybe they don’t care.

Oh, and, uh…good coffee!