My Brand New Kitchen!!

It’s…beautiful. There are no other words for it. I walked into the kitchen today fully-prepared, but I couldn’t have prepared myself for something quite this good. And you can trust me on this, because I’ve had six children and none of them got this reaction out of me.

The kitchen is now a REAL kitchen. It’s even bigger than my one at home, and a lot more industrial, so I cannot WAIT to get started on cooking! We have an industrial-strength oven, and industrial-strength dishwasher…it’s all so powerful, sleek and shiny. And to think, this all came about via an anonymous donation.

Obviously, designer kitchen renovations were the first thing we thought of. Or rather, I…uh, forcefully stated that it was something we needed a bit more than the balcony. Now it almost looks a bit comical, this homely cafe with a relaxed vibe, and then you step into the kitchen and it’s like you’ve walked into the back of a three hatted restaurant. Quite the contrast, but I’m glad we chose the option!

And it’s what the mysterious person would’ve wanted, I think. They left a message with their anonymous donation saying that with the cafe being such a lovely place in the middle of nowhere, a meeting place for many, and also with Johnny having to deal with the whole abandoned child business, they wanted to give something back. So it’s probably a regular, but almost everyone is a regular, so that doesn’t help much. But if they DO come to the cafe, then they’ll want the most magnificent kitchen design Melbourne residents have ever laid their eyes on. The better the kitchen, the more plentiful and wonderful the goods flowing from it. No doubt my pastries, cakes and cookies will be twice as good now that our kitchen extensions have made things so much better. Well…maybe. It’s hard to improve on perfection, but miracles do happen.


Picking up the game designers

Last week in the cafe, I met the most fascinating guy. He was tall with mysterious swarthy features and an elegant black outfit. I served him some coffee and noticed that he was studying IT at the local college. Now I’m a total geek so I found this really impressive. It was basically love at first site.

Naturally, I had to find an excuse to talk to him so I told him that I was interested in taking the same video game design course in Melbourne. He humoured me politely but I think he knew what was going on.He said that the course is really good and especially for getting jobs in the industry after graduation. I asked him if there were many girls in the college because it’s a tech college and he said that there were a few and that the numbers were increasing so that I wouldn’t feel left out. He was such a witty and charming character, with every word i just grew more and more entranced by him. While he was probably getting more and more annoyed….

The next week yet another handsome devil entered the cafe. Once again, I started making small talk and chit chat. This guy was also amiable and then revealed that he was actually taking an app design course. I couldn’t believe it. I asked him if he knew the guy that I spoke to the other day but he didn’t.

That was when I reached the conclusion that all guys that study game design and development and related fields must all be babes. I decided that I’m going to enroll in the IT industry. Hopefully I’ll get to keep my job as a waitress at this cafe. My boss had a word with me the other day because I keep trying to “pick up” all the customers.