Coffees and dry needling- a match made in heaven

dry needling coursesUntil I found Johnny’s Cafe, I was not doing well at school. To be honest with you, I think I was 
decaffeinated. One day, I’d just come out of class after receiving exam dire results and ventured into Johnny’s out of desperation. Well, it was too early for the bars to be open so I thought I’d drown my sorrows in a cup of chai. People think that vocational studies are easy but they’re not, especially not
dry needling courses. NZ has a few good manual therapy colleges that demand rigorous training from the students.

Anyway, when I got into the cafe I met Johnny who’s a huge coffee nut. He talked me out of ordering the chai because he wanted me to try his amazing coffee. He considers himself a top notch barista and I have to say that he doesn’t fall short of the mark. I’ve never been huge on coffee but after tasting Johnny’s work I’ve been hooked. IT was bitter without being burnt, and yet sweet enough to require no sugar. Now that’s what I call masterful coffee making.

Ever since that first hit of caffeine, my trigger point dry needling has improved. I can focus much better on my studies and my grades has short through the roof. I’m top of the class now and I’ve never been top of anything! Sadly I’m going to have to interrupt my studies to move to Adelaide for work. I wonder if there are dry needling course based in Adelaide because I’m not far from getting my certificate no I don’t want to delay my progress for too long. When I get my qualification I’m going to open shop in my garage. Until then ,Johnny has been recommending my to some of his regulars which has been earning me a bit of cash. I charge them less because I’m a student and they don’t seem to mind. In fact some have even commented that I’m better than the last person they saw even though I charge half the price.