University of Conveyancing

I thought it was a bit weird that they created a university just for conveyancing, but I suppose that it is a very important service. It’s a legal practice, though, so I’m not sure why they didn’t just make a university for law instead. The school is so niche that I decided to apply and see what it is like, even though I don’t want to study conveyancing. If I didn’t like it, I could always drop out before the census date. So, here’s my review of the brand new University of Conveyancing.

For my first and only semester, I took three classes, as is fairly normal for a university course. My mandatory classes were History of Conveyancing and Conveyancing Firm Placement. The placement class would involve six weeks of preparation before taking on an internship doing conveyancing. Brighton and a few other suburbs are possible conveyancing locations, which sounded pretty good. I’ve heard that conveyancing in the Bayside area is a great job to have. For my elective, I took Sound Engineering just for something a bit different. I’m not sure why they even offer a sound engineering class at a conveyancing university, but whatever. 

I’ve just completed the sixth week of my course, and I must admit that it has been brilliant so far. I feel like I really know so much about conveyancing already. This isn’t what I wanted to do for a job, but maybe I should actually keep studying and become a conveyancer. The census date is tomorrow, and the thought of missing out on placement actually makes me kind of sad. I wonder if the conveyancing firm close to Carlton has heard of the University of Conveyancing.

I’ve enjoyed this course so far, and I didn’t even want to do conveyancing as a career. Now I know all about vendor’s statements and the Conveyancers Act 2006. If you’re looking to work as a conveyancer, I definitely recommend studying here.