Time to Hide

March 32nd, 2023.

I have managed to avoid the time hunters once again, although it was close. I did not see through their disguises until the last moment. It was, admittedly, clever of them to take on the guise of conveyancing lawyers. They haven’t done that before. I’ll be more careful this time, however.

Because of how time travel works, I have no doubt that Amanda and Jackie have already arrived at this date and have begun to look for me. There is no time to rest, for they are relentless. I hope that I have thrown off the scent by changing my search. I’m no longer looking to buy a house in Malvern. Instead, I am looking to buy a house in Collingwood, and will hence need conveyancing lawyers around Collingwood. I don’t have a specific house in mind, but just need to purchase one in the general area. As a result, I will be visiting a variety of conveyancing lawyers over the next couple of days, provided I can avoid Amanda and Jackie.

I don’t understand why they’re so adamant about catching me. I’m not going to do anything to mess with the space-time continuum. The organisation they work for just hates there being a time traveller they can’t control. Well, Mr Manager can try all he wants, but there’s nothing he or his goons can do to stop me from finding conveyancing solicitors who will help me with my house hunt.

Why do I even want to buy a house, when I’m originally from the year 2115? Well, I’ve heard that the early to mid-2020s was the absolute peak of humanity. I just want to experience it for myself, rather than learning about it in my history class. That’s why I learned to time travel on the depths of the internet, from somebody who left the Organisation of Time Travellers. If I can just shake those bounty hunters, I’ll be free to enjoy the 2020s for a few years, before heading back to write up my history report.

– Benjamin