Renovation Report

The Cloud Kingdom was astir as the cloud people prepared for battle. Princess Plum and Marion arrived with the penguin child just before sundown, heading straight toward the cloud castle, hoping to find the Ice Kingdom refugees there.

It was clear that the kingdom had received word that Trowser and his turtle minions would be attacking the Cloud Kingdom next, once they were done with the Conveyancing Kingdom.

They had no trouble entering the castle, given that everyone knew Princess Plum by appearance alone. After a few minutes, they reached the throne room, where Princess Precipitation paced about frantically. In the corner of the room, Princess Plum noticed two penguins, who immediately came forward at the sight of Arabelle with them.

Once the penguin family was reunited, Princess Precipitation looked across the room. “What news from the Renovation Kingdom, Plum?”

“Well,” started Princess Plum, “they’ll need more than a simple bathroom remodel by a professional renovation company, to put it briefly.”

“That bad, huh?”

Princess Plum nodded. So many bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations completely destroyed. All the hard work by countless renovation experts and bathroom designers – gone in the blink of an eye.

“Our intel suggests that Trowser will be coming here next, once his army is done with the Conveyancing Kingdom.” Princess Precipitation crossed her arms. “We are running out of time to prepare. It won’t take long for the beast to crush our defences and take our power stars. If the best bathroom design team from Melbourne couldn’t stop Trowser, what hope do we have?”

“You have to try,” said Princess Plum. “Once the Cloud Kingdom falls, Trowser will go for the Fungus Kingdom next. How much time do you need to prepare a proper defence?”

“Look, we’re not replacing a bathroom sink here. We’d need at least a day.”

Princess Plum considered. “I think we can get you that. Marion and I will head to the Conveyancing Kingdom immediately and do whatever we can to slow Trowser and his minions down.”

Princess Precipitation sighed. “Good luck. We’re all counting on you.”