Timber windows and cheesecake

timber window replacementsLast time I visited Johnny’s cafe I decided to treat myself to a slice of the mars bar cheesecake, it was absolutely delicious and I highly recommend it to anyone. However, I recommend you find a quiet corner in which to eat it as I stupidly decided to sit on the communal table. I had assumed the young girl next to me was a functioning adult but how silly I was. Just as I took my first delicious bite she started yammering away on her mobile about complete nonsense in an incredibly irritating shrill voice. From what I could understand she was pretty upset that her selfish parents had arranged for some timber window repairs in Melbourne. Apparently they had not taken into account that she had planned to have friends over and their window repairs would not go down well with the crew. Aside from how entitled and quite frankly, stupid she sounded, the way in which she spoke was so grating I could barely enjoy my cheesecake. She blabbered on for about twenty minutes about the timber window repairs and how she felt they were unnecessary, she didn’t even like the windows in the first place. I had half a mind to tell her she should appreciate her parents not just putting, but repairing, a roof over her head but if there’s one thing I know about young people, they don’t listen to old people. I suppose something useful did come of my afternoon at the cafe, later that day a dear friend of mine told me she was planning on doing some home renovations and did I know anyone who could supply timber windows in Melbourne. After I was done laughing I passed on the name that was emblazoned on my brain from the shrill young girl saying it over and over again at Johnny’s cafe.