Buying flowers for the cafe

spring bulbsI’ve been in the hospo business for about twenty years now and I’ve tried a bunch of different decorating techniques. In the nineties when everything was sleek and shiny, I had a trim little bar and then in the early 21st century when retro was coming back in fashion I had a garages style restaurant. These days, the bohemian style seems to be in. you can slap any bits of furniture together and have successful décor.

Throughout the years I’ve also experimented with greenery and now I think I’ll get back into it. I’m going to buy spring flowering bulbs from this online retailer and start planting again. They’re going to make the cafe look very sweet. People also don’t realise that going edible plants and herbs works magic for your cafe. Put them in the window sill or at the front and allow your customers to pick from them. They like that because it’s interactive and quaint. Especially in Melbourne where quaintness and cafe culture go hand in hand. Add a pinch of mint to your chocolate cheese cake or a sprig of lemongrass to your herbal tea.

As far as decorative plants go, I’m thinking I’ll go with daffodils. It’s not hard to find daffodil for sale and yet here aren’t many beautiful flowers featured around in cafes. I know that as soon as I get mine started everyone else is going to start jumping on the bandwagon. That’s the only bad thing. As soon as everyone has flowers in their cafe it’s not going to be my unique gimmick anymore and I’ll have to think of something else. Maybe I’ll go the opposite and start growing weeds. I’ll use edible and flowering weeds which can actually be quite attractive. You’ve just got to know what to get.