Trent’s return

ute canopyAlright so Trent, the guy that Johnny on-and-off employs to go down to the market and bring back some amazing fresh produce, was in again this morning and oh my goodness I’d completely forgotten what a git he is. Aside from the fact that he’s forever trying to hit on me and the rest of the waitresses in the creepiest ways imaginable, he’s just generally really irritating. He talks and talks and talks and talks and none of it is ever even mildly interesting, except for when he’s asking to take a ton of time off for some far fetched reason. I think last time it was because of his dream to become a professional skydiving instructor – I mean honestly.

Anyway, thankfully this morning he wasn’t so much trying out his “smooth moves” as boring us to tears with talk of the amazing aluminium ute canopies from Melbourne he’s got his hands on for his utes. I mean, really, I didn’t even know what a freaking ute canopy was until this morning and, looking back, that was a better time. It’s not even like I was listening, it was more that if you hear something repetitively, your subconscious can’t help but take a bit of it to heart. It just sort of seeps in whether you want it to or not, and between talk of those utes canopies and these aluminium toolboxes he got from the same place in Melbourne, I’ve learnt more than I ever wanted to about the subject.

Not to mention the fact that being preached at is very distracting when you’re actually trying to work. All I wanted to do was whirl around and scream ‘SHUT UP I’M TRYING TO WORK’ but the only thing that would have achieved would have been to scare the customers. I just can’t wait until he realises he hates real work and leaves again.