Picking up the game designers

Last week in the cafe, I met the most fascinating guy. He was tall with mysterious swarthy features and an elegant black outfit. I served him some coffee and noticed that he was studying IT at the local college. Now I’m a total geek so I found this really impressive. It was basically love at first site.

Naturally, I had to find an excuse to talk to him so I told him that I was interested in taking the same video game design course in Melbourne. He humoured me politely but I think he knew what was going on.He said that the course is really good and especially for getting jobs in the industry after graduation. I asked him if there were many girls in the college because it’s a tech college and he said that there were a few and that the numbers were increasing so that I wouldn’t feel left out. He was such a witty and charming character, with every word i just grew more and more entranced by him. While he was probably getting more and more annoyed….

The next week yet another handsome devil entered the cafe. Once again, I started making small talk and chit chat. This guy was also amiable and then revealed that he was actually taking an app design course. I couldn’t believe it. I asked him if he knew the guy that I spoke to the other day but he didn’t.

That was when I reached the conclusion that all guys that study game design and development and related fields must all be babes. I decided that I’m going to enroll in the IT industry. Hopefully I’ll get to keep my job as a waitress at this cafe. My boss had a word with me the other day because I keep trying to “pick up” all the customers.