Makeup for Just Looking Great

specialist makeup

Hey, hi, how you going…yep, those phrases are my life now. That, and ‘what sort of coffee would you like?’ after people come up to the counter and say they’d like a coffee. Ha ha, that’s great, friend. But it’s not 1953 any more. There are varieties. You have choice, isn’t that great?

Ugh, really. Customer service is the pits, but at least I’m well-trained in putting on a smile and my makeup is always flawless. That’s where I’m heading: right up the big leagues of stage and TV. Once I get my diploma of specialist makeup, that’s me gone. Yep, see ya, bye bye, I’m off to make big bucks! Not in Hollywood, because I’m not completely stupid. No, I know I have to work my way up the ranks. That’s why I have this dumb job for now.

In a way, it really helps. While I’m doing my beauty course, I have to be well-practised in making people look like anything. So when I roll out of bed for an early shift (this place opens at 6am!) and I’ve been up until 3am doing wild stuff because I’m young, it’s a real challenge of my skills as to whether I can make myself look like a real, living human. Mostly I manage it, because I’m just that good. So yeah, not even finished the course and already it’s coming in handy! I knew it would. Most of the reason I’m doing it for the big name recognition and the amount of pay you get once you make it really big, though being able to look good without any effort? Well, I’ve always been pretty good at that anyway. I could use some sharpening, though.

So yeah, come get some coffee. Hopefully you’ll be distracted by how I’ve done my eyeliner or my foundation, so I won’t have to smile. You learn that kind of thing in a diploma in beauty therapy.