Just Needs a Bit of Tree Pruning

tree pruning

Is this a place for reviews? I guess Johnny can edit what he likes or whatever, but he said this was like a guestbook, so I guess I’ll just write some stuff. Anyway, brilliant coffee and I really like the design. Like, there’s nothing much like it around here, and it really shows, since the place is nearly always full. Or when I’ve seen it, anyway. Maybe it’s just because I tend to wake up around 11 and I don’t make it out until 2, but anyway…great place.

Could use a bit of a trim outside though. Don’t get me wrong, greenery is nice and all, but I can’t help feeling that you could maybe stand to get into the place without being smacked in the face with a pine branch. Does Johnny know about tree pruning? In Melbourne there are people who can take care of that for you in a flash. You don’t even have to knock the whole thing down, because the tree-lined walkways is actually kind of nice. It’s just that, well…yeah, too many branches. This morning I was walking in, all pumped up for my caffeine fix, and my face got caught in a massive spiderweb. The cafe was busy so I don’t know how everyone else managed to dodge it- maybe they were paying more attention than me, or it’s just a really industrious spider- but the point still stands. I didn’t SEE any spiders laying eggs in my ear when I went home and checked in the mirror, but what if that had really happened? So yeah, a couple of good arborists will clear that right up. Other than that I can’t fault the place, so clearing up the whole ‘spider on your face’ problem should have customers reeling in. And I can sort it, maybe, because this place is becoming a second home. I know people in Ashwood who do tree removal, and pruning and all that. Just ask, I’m there a lot!