Beaches, Not All Equal

beauty of LorneIt’s times like this, when I’m really relaxed, that I think about the beach. I grew up in Port Douglas, which is a really tourist-heavy beach town, so I always felt just a little bit above the people who just came there on holiday. I knew every inch of the place, of course. Fortunately I’ve grown up a bit since then, and I can’t really feel superior since I moved all the way down to Melbourne for work. Reaping the consequences of that now that it’s winter…

But here in the café, Johnny’s obviously intending for a kind of nautical theme. I like how the tip jar is shaped like a lighthouse, and the exposed wooden beams really make me think of a sailing ship. My friend still back in Port Douglas told me to go on a beach holiday if I was feeling too homesick. All signs point to Lorne, accommodation luxury and the world class beaches are…sandy. But as sandy and luxury as the whole place is, I doubt it can replicate a Port Douglas winter, which is amazing by the way (hovering around 25, no jellyfish or sharks, clouds are a rarity). But yeah, again, if I was really missing that stuff I wouldn’t have come to Melbourne of all places. Sometimes in life, you have to sacrifice some things, and weather has become one of them for me. I certainly wasn’t finding a real job up there, unless I wanted to work in my friend’s surf and beach trinkets shop. Not that it wouldn’t be fun, but it’s not really a mega career starter. Man, growing up really sucks.

Still, here I am. Better make the most of it, confirm that St Kilda’s beach is really as bad as everyone says it is and then…I dunno, maybe genuinely look into accommodation. My company needs things like Lorne function venues, so I don’t know…maybe I can nudge them into a beach retreat and I can score it all for free. Still, it’s nice that I have a café that reminds me a bit of home. Great coffee, too.