Woman shouting in Cafe about her bathroom

planning the new bathroomI was at the cafe earlier trying to enjoy my extra hot skinny cappuccino with extra cinnamon in peace but it was a real struggle. My cap was lovely, it was piping hot and had just the right balance of flavours, thanks Johnny! There was one problem, an extremely obnoxious woman sitting in the cafe was speaking very loudly about her bathroom renovations in Bentleigh. For a woman that is a total stranger I know a lot of intimate details about her bathroom, including the fact she wants an extra large toilet seat, hey, no judgement. But keep it down. It was so loud that I couldn’t help but listen, there was no way to ignore her loud cries about the colour of marble she wants for the sink counter-tops. It’s white with a hint of ocean blue by the way. I just don’t like it when people talk so loudly on the phone that everyone around them has to be part of the conversation. I tried to kindly signal to her to tone down the volume but it seems she was so wrapped up in discussing what kind of shower system she wants she didn’t notice me waving furiously at her. I did tell the barista that it was bothering me but he suggested I could move further away from the Bentleigh bathroom shouter. Why should I move?! She just needs to hush down. Although I did enjoy my cappuccino, the main thing I took away from my hour at the cafe was an improved knowledge of the processes and details required for Melbourne bathroom renovations. I waited it out until the woman finished her conversation and then I told her that while it is a public space and she can make a phone call if she pleases, she may want to tone it down in the future.