Bathroom, Definitely Just for Customers

First we got the kitchens designed, and now the bathrooms. Of course, we STILL haven’t opened the upper mezzanine level, but apparently there’s been some problem with asbestos. I really don’t know…it’s a saga.

Still, the bathroom…wow. No complaints here. In fact, my only complaints will be that word will spread about how nice they are, and everyone will start trying to use them without being customers. We already have all the shops in this strip using us as their break-room, even though they mostly do make purchases (Dorabella from the knitting shop next door is an exception, because she’s an absolute dear). But now, we have the nicest bathroom for miles. We just need to stop standing out so much.

I mean it! We just had to seek out Melbourne’s best bathroom renovators, meaning that people have even more of a reason to come to the cafe. I’ll have to tell Olga to start making her brownies with a bit more flour than necessary. People won’t eat as many if they’re a bit dry.

That’s a joke, of course, because suggesting that Olga alter her baking methods in any way at all is grounds for blazing rage, and possibly a few missing teeth. And to be honest, I’m not sure I could live without her roast potato soup every day for my lunch.

Alright, so…we need some competition. Another cafe, with some really nice bathroom design. Nicer than ours in fact, so that way they actually have an edge and people have a reason to visit. But then, I’m not sure if there are bathroom renovations near Melbourne better than ours. Seriously, we could put tables and chairs in there and people would be happy to sit there, drinking coffee and chatting.

Except…you know, that would defeat the purpose of it being a private space, for the call of nature.